Dec 16 2019

How to choose the perfect sparkling wine?


There’s nothing better than sipping a crisp glass of sparkling wine, especially when you’re toasting the festive season and the end of a decade. With so many different styles of sparkling wine, how do you choose the one that suits your tastebuds?

We caught up with our winemaker Gavin to ask him for his top tips of choosing the best sparkling wine for you.

What’s new with sparkling wine these days?

Consumers who appreciate good fiz regularly feel that Prossecco may have run its course and are seeking out good value alternative single house Champagnes. Minimalist producers with ‘petulant natural’ styles also French Crémants and revisiting Spanish Cava, however, if you look carefully there are still some worthwhile Prosseccos and Lambruscos to be had.

Is there a common mistake people make when choosing a sparkling wine?

Looking only at big brands and bling packaging and not reading the label, also only buying Brut as sweetness kills flavour and masks fault.

How do you help customers choose a sparkling wine?

Is it for a special occasion, enjoying with food or casual quaffing? Do they like the fresh and precise blanc de blanc, fuller Classic Cuvée or my favourite…Rosé.

Do you have any top sparkling wine tips?

Drink Brut, if it is not lively on opening it is likely that it is going to disappoint. Unless it is the top end it is unlikely it will improve with age so drink it!

What are some of your preferred food pairings?

Our Hencote Evolution with Oysters is a delicious pairing. Classic Cuvée with mushroom risotto and Rosé with fillet steak are also very good combinations – another favourite is also a Rosé with Eaton Mess.

If you’re looking for that perfect sparkling wine this Christmas and New Year why not try our Evolution.