Shropshire Vineyard Tours


Vineyard Tours

On our vineyard tours, guests have the opportunity to not only marvel in the majesty of their surroundings, but soak up our own passion for wine. Educational, as well as exciting, you’ll learn about the benefits of our precision management approach to viticulture and depending on the time of year, have the chance to try some of the growing grapes. Surveying the equipment in the winery, you’ll gain an understanding of the philosophies that govern our approach to winemaking. Each vineyard or winer tour is followed by a wine tasting of a range of Hencote wines.
Wine Tours & Tastings run Thursday- Sunday. Booking is essential.

Hencote’s philosophy begins in the vineyard. We work every vine by hand to treat each vine individually with the sole aim of allowing the authentic expression of our wine within our Shropshire Terroir. By following a minimal pesticide programme our goal is to allow our vineyard to flourish within its natural environment that will produce our range of quality English wines.

We now want to share the fruits of our labour with our guests; visit the View to sample our first vintage, take a tour of the Shropshire vineyard or winery to learn about the meticulous work that goes into producing every bottle or adopt a vine to experience owning your very own plot of the Hencote vineyard.

“We feel that to truly bring out the authentic characteristics of our grapes grown on our Shropshire soil we should handle each vine individually, so that every task that concerns the vines directly is done by hand. We really do feel that it contributes to the vine expressing its full potential and producing the highest quality crop possible.”

Mark Stevens,
General Manager

Our Story

Moulded by the glaciers of the Triassic Age, the land upon which the Hencote vineyard sits is rich with history and the glacial till that comprises our soil. With the first 18,000 vines planted in 2016, the Vineyard now comprises 23,000 vines and aims to consistently produce award-winning, international quality wines.

Adopt a Vine

For many, one visit to the Hencote vineyard isn’t enough. As the seasons change, the vineyard changes too – giving rise to very different experiences at different times of the year. In spring, you might see the start of inflorescence. In summer, you’ll see the flowering process before a vineyard awash with the vibrant colours of veraison. Our ‘adopt a vine’ package bestows visitors with the privilege of claiming their very own part of the Hencote vineyard. Not only are they invited to tour the vineyard all year round, they’ll also get the chance to participate in the harvest of their vine come autumn.