Feb 2 2020

February events at Hencote


February is the month when romance blossoms and winter is on the final stretch before spring.

Along with Valentine’s Day, we have two other events planned for wine connoisseurs and foodies everywhere – a wine tasting and a wine dinner.

Wine Tasting

For our next wine tasting, we will be making the short hop across the Channel to our French neighbours sampling four of their finest wines.

February 20th sees Hencote winemaker Gavin Patterson will be on hand to take you through the history of each one, explaining the region and what makes them unique.

The tasting is blind so you won’t know the style of wine or the region it comes from, you’ll have to make your own opinion. If you’ve not been to a blind wine tasting before it is a great chance to understand what to look out for in a great wine including aroma, body and of course taste.

Cost for the event is £25 pp and will include a tasting of all four wines as well as a cheese and charcuterie board to dine on. The tasting starts at 6 pm.

Wine Dinner

For our wine dinner on February 28th our team of chefs has created a menu which is inspired by French classics. During the evening each dish will be paired with a glass of wine that complements the dish and its flavours.

Winemaker Gavin Patterson and Head Chef Paul Downes will be on hand to explain the wine and dish and the reasons for the pairing.

Cost for our French wine dinner is £95 pp and includes five courses with wine pairing.

If you love your food and drink this is an experience to be savoured. For more information about either of these events, you can contact one of the Hencote team on 01743 298 444 or email [email protected]

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