Mar 2 2020

Four great red wines for the colder weather


With the cold weather lingering why not relax in our lounge with a glass of wine – red wine. People often associate red wine with heartier foods such as roasts, chilli, Bolognese or stews. These winter warmers often complement a range of red wines due to their gallant flavours.

While white wine is always an option red wine is more suited to a colder climate. Below are a few red wines that are perfect for drinking in winter.

Pinot Noir

Kicking off the list of winter reds is the Pinot Noir. This elegant wine is a popular choice with wine lovers due to its delicate characteristics of strawberry and raspberry, while others have darker flavours such as plum and dark cherry. Pinot Noir is a dry wine with fine complexity and pairs very well with venison as well as dishes such as mushroom risotto.

Hencote wine list recommendation – Hencote Estate Mark I


You couldn’t have a winter red wines list and not include Merlot. The grape can adapt to different climates and has a unique taste; combining black cherries, plums with a subtle hint of vanilla in some instances. Merlot balances perfectly with beef steaks and can also pair nicely with Blue Cheese. Despite being berated in the film Sideways, Merlot it seems is on the rise again.

Wine list recommendation – The Velvet Devil, Charles Smith, Washington, USA


Produced in New World countries such as Australia and South Africa, Shiraz originates in the Rhone, a stylistic wine known for being big and bold. It oozes flavour most notably blueberries and blackcurrants, but can also have distinct notes of chocolate and pepper. When it comes to food, varieties of Shiraz pair well with lamb and pulses including lentils.

Hencote wine list recommendation – Two Hands, McLaren Vale, Australia 2017

Cabernet Sauvignon

Finally, we have the ‘Cab Sav’ – the king of winter red wines. Cabernet Sauvignon offers bold flavours which leave an impactful aftertaste of blackcurrant, cedar and spices. Some wines are fruity while others have a smokier aroma – this all depends on the location and how the wine is made. Cabernet Sauvignon pairs with grilled meats and dishes with big flavours.

Hencote wine list recommendation – Freemark Abbey, Napa Valley, USA 2011

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