Gifts & Vouchers

Adopt A Vine

Our ‘adopt a vine’ gift pack gives wine lovers the opportunity to adopt their very own part of the Hencote vineyard for 1 year (from date of purchase). Winemaking is a lengthy, complex and, at times, challenging process, but when the hard work and determination that goes into it pays off, it is an incredibly rewarding experience.

Vine Adoption

The lucky recipient will receive a range of vine gifts: a certificate of vine adoption, a guided wine tour for two, an invitation to participate in the harvest, and a bottle of Hencote wine from their adopted vine. It is an all-encompassing experience that gives you the chance to engage with the whole process of Hencote winemaking from harvesting to bottling.

Deluxe Vine Adoption

Our deluxe vine adoption package is even more comprehensive. On top of everything else, you’ll also get a full case of six wines from your adopted vines, an invitation to the adopted grape vine wine launch.


It is the ideal gift for anyone with a passion for wine, and a genuine interest in getting an illuminating, behind-the-scenes look at the challenges and complexities of producing wine in the Shropshire countryside. The opportunity to engage with the adopted vine at different stages of its development gives recipients an appreciation for the sheer breadth of work that goes into the production of every single bottle of Hencote wine.