Oct 28 2019

Setting the benchmark for red wine in Shropshire


As we approach the end of the October Harvest there is no time to rest on our laurels. Vinification is a demanding process and after the picking, pressing and eventual bottling of our wine we can enjoy and share the fruits of our labour with others.

November 29th sees the launch of our first Hencote Estate Red from 2018. Winemaker Gavin Patterson and his team have worked tirelessly to produce a wine that is a carefully crafted blend of Pinot Noir, Pinot Noir Précose and Rondo; components of which are representative of the estate and history of the property.

The seamless integration of all three brings a crucial element to the texture and flavour of the wine. Pinot Noir is the backbone, while the Pinot Noir Précose provides flavours of black cherry and additional cranberry notes leading on to the deliciously savoury palate which finishes with gentle persistence.

The Rondo, while only a small percentage of the overall trilogy, still plays a large part and adds the colour component which gives the wine its dark and brooding nature. With twelve months of quiet oak maturation, the result is a wine that will set a high benchmark for red wine produced in the UK that others will be inspired to follow.

Deciding on a name for our wine is just as important as the vinification process itself. With this latest addition to our selection of estate wines, we have not only drawn inspiration from our family but from the dedication and passion to produce a wine that is befitting of the area and heritage.

We would like the public to join us as we ‘mark’ the occasion with our launch event which will be hosted by Hencote Estate General Manager Mark Stevens and Winemaker Gavin Patterson.

It has always been the vision of our family to produce a red wine since planting the vineyard, and now all the years of hard work and nurture have led us to this defining moment for the estate and vineyard.

If you would like to find out more about the event as well as book your table you can get in touch with the Hencote team here or email [email protected]