May 10 2019

2018 Evolution Sparkling


In May, we launched our first sparkling wine ‘Evolution’

Made from 70% Seyval Blanc and 30% Pinot Noir grape varieties, our Evolution Sparkling wine is the first sparkling release from our Hencote Vineyard. We are one of a few English vineyards to provide you with a 2018 sparkling wine this year.

Having bottled this wine in December 2018, we have produced our wine in a ‘nouveaux’ style of the traditional Champagne sparkling wine method, a shortened bottle ageing period from the traditional nine months has allowed us to present this innovative and vibrant wine.

Shropshire is renowned as being the birthplace of the industrial revolution, the home of the Modern Olympics and the birthplace of Charles Darwin. We wanted our wine to capture the heritage and innovation of Shropshire and so we called our first ever sparkling wine ‘Evolution’.

Our new sparkling wine enjoys a lively effervescence, a nose of crab-apple and pear that makes it a delightful sparkling wine to be enjoyed in the upcoming summer days. Why not savour a glass on our new wine terrace with family and friends at our Hencote Estate, overlooking miles of beautiful Shropshire countryside.

Pop up and try some whilst enjoying the views of Shrewsbury from ‘The View Restaurant, Bar & Vineyard Terrace’

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