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5 Tips for Planning Your Corporate Event

Organising an event can be a tough task. Whether you are planning a Christmas party, team building event or you need a venue to host clients, there are lots of things to think about to make it a success. Below are five tips for planning your corporate event.

The venue

To make your event a huge success, you are going to want to plan. Finding a venue is always difficult as you have to make sure that it is going to fit your proposed number of guests as well as have all the necessities for it to run smoothly.


Set a budget

Deciding on how much you have to spend on your corporate event is key. Everyone wants to put on a great event but be careful not to overspend. Creating a detailed spreadsheet of all your potential outgoings will give you a clear picture of what you can and cannot afford.

Consider your guests

Your guests are the main reason that you are planning your corporate event. It could be the end of year Christmas party, a team-building away day or business product launch. Whatever the event make sure you consider your guests. Are they looking to let their hair down or do you want them to learn something?



People’s lasting impression of a successful event aside from the venue and general ambience will be the catering. This can be difficult to plan as your guests will have various likes and dislike as well as dietary requirements. Ideally, you need to make sure that the menu offers a choice that will suit everyone. Don’t be afraid to ask the venue for help in creating a menu.



Depending on the style of event you might wish to offer accommodation to your guests particularly if some have to travel. The Christmas party is the ideal time to help organise accommodation as it will allow people to have a drink and enjoy the occasion without having to worry about travel arrangements afterwards.


It’s not too late

At Hencote we have the perfect location (and view to match) to host your next corporate event. With Christmas just around the corner, we have space for our party nights on Friday, December 13th and 20th – with amazing food and estate wines as well as great entertainment.

If you are looking to celebrate New Year in style our Great Gatsby Gala is the perfect place to see in 2020. To book your table or to enquire further about how we can help you plan your next corporate event get in touch with us at [email protected] or call 01743 298 444.