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Isadora 2018


Our 2018‭  ‬‘Isadora’‭ ‬Sparkling Rosé represents the vivaciousness and dignity of the Stevens’‭ ‬family ladies‭. ‬Comprised of three classic sparkling varieties and hand-picked from the Hencote Vineyard‭, ‬the grapes in our Isadora Rosé undergo malolactic fermentation‭, ‬adding a softness and creaminess to the wine‭.  ‬Each component has been carefully blended and matured for fifteen months‭ ‬‘sue lie’‭ ‬before release‭. ‬Ageing in a traditional method adds complexity‭, ‬but the aging process is a short enough time period that the wine retains its summer berry fruitiness‭. ‬The combination of all of processes leads to flavour profile indicative of strawberries‭ ‬and cream‭. ‬

Vintage – 2018

Region – Shropshire

Grape Variety – Pinot Meunier‭, ‬Pinot Noir‭, ‬Chardonnay

ABV – 12.5%

Size – 75cl



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