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We follow a simple philosophy: to nurture the vines by hand, with respect for nature, tradition and our place in Shropshire.

When planting our first vines in 2015, our goal was to produce quality English wine in the Shropshire countryside.

Every decision we make is motivated by our sense of place. Our vines were chosen to create quality sparkling and still wine that reflects Shrewsbury’s cool climate, nestled in the Welsh rain shadow and planted on Shropshire soil over the Kinnerton Sandstone Formation.

At Hencote, we combine modern methods with tradition. We believe the best tools are our people and for that reason every task on the vines is completed by hand by a team focused on quality and sustainability. We hand nurture the vines and hand pick our grapes, which allows us to produce the best quality wine possible.

All of our sparkling wine is created following the traditional method, where our wine is aged for years in bottle to develop the richness and complexity that produces real quality. With our still wine, we intervene minimally throughout the winemaking process, allowing the wine to express its natural aromatic intensity and character.

Nestled below the vineyard lies one of England’s few remaining wet woodlands. Home to a rich diversity of insects, bats and birds, we have maintained our wet woodland to protect its unique biodiversity, which now covers only 50,000 hectares of the United Kingdom.

For these reasons, Hencote maintains a policy of minimal pesticide intervention to allow our natural fauna and wildlife to flourish. Not only do we believe it produces better wine, but by protecting our environment we hope to do our part to ensure the survival of the unique character of natural England.

We would highly recommend the vineyard tour and wine tasting. It was very interesting and informative. Mark was extremely knowledgeable.

– The Eales Family

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