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Our New Year’s Resolution Package

Although it might be early with Christmas around the corner, we’re already beginning to think about our resolutions for the New Year and have an exciting offer to bring to everyone.

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Hencote’s first vintage

Hencote is extremely proud to announce that our first vintage of 2017 is now complete. We began our harvest in mid-September, from which we hope to produce Hencote’s first vintage of still and sparkling wine.

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Summer is nearly upon us…..

Well I must say this week’s sunny weather has been delightful. So lovely, that lots of gardening and land management has taken place to ensure everything looks beautiful and is growing well.

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The Hencote Vineyard

There are many ways to prune and train a vine that will completely affect the vine’s growth and ability to produce a crop, for that year and many year’s after, so it’s crucial to get the job done correctly.

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Spring 2017

The blossom trees are already blooming, buds on the fruit trees and vines are starting to appear and we are busy planting lots of exciting and exotic fruit and vegetables in our wonderful greenhouse.

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